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Rotating Unions and Rotary Joints (also known as rotary swivels, rotary couplings) are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery. Rotating Unions and Rotary Joints are used in numerous manufacturing processes to cool, heat, or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power.


Through our exclusive representation of Deublin Company , the world’s leading manufacturer of Rotating Unions, we offer (single flow) passage rotary joints, two (dual flow) passage rotary unions, three (triple) passage rotary unions and four passage rotary unions.  


Rotary Joints and Rotary Unions allow the feed through of water, glycol, air, hydraulic, coolant, MQL, hot oil, steam, vacuum and a variety of other media. Rotary Joints and Rotary Unions that can be configured for installation at the end of a shaft or around-the-shaft.


The full range of the Rotary Unions and Rotary Joints can be found here.

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